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Styled Photoshoot: Gypsy Wedding Vardo for Hire

Dreaming of a Gypsy wedding photoshoot? If you're planning a styled photoshoot, hire a Gypsy wagon to use as your featured prop. Our reading vardo, Lily, is a photographer's dream. This painstakingly handcrafted Gypsy wedding photoshoot hire is a magical place to stage a beautiful bohemian wedding story.
You'll find inspiration using Lily as the backdrop. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. What's more, you can take advantage of the gorgeous interior lighting, as well as the natural light that enters the vardo.
Pair soft fabrics, loose flowers, bouquets, and lace with Lily's bright and colorful jewel tones, and you'll have a winning stylized photoshoot.
The walls slope outward from the floor to the roof. And a mollicroft running along the center means there's plenty of room inside the ornate wagon. The bride and groom will find a romantic spot amid the luxurious interior for beautiful intimate photos.
The benchtops feature copper sheeting, and Gypsy style colors of orange, purple, red, and blue that make the interior sparkle. Aged press metal ceilings, an antique chandelier, gilded rose wallpaper, and French wall sconces provide a luxurious space for gorgeous photos.
The decorative timber porch brackets on the front, with stairs, is an ideal spot for the wedding party to gather for pictures. With bridesmaids and groomsmen lining each side, you can feature the bride and groom in the center of the doorway.
For another idea, place the bride at the Dutch door with custom leadlight panels. Or, have the photographer stand outside the vardo and take a shot looking in through the big bay window.
The only limit to how you use your Gypsy Wedding photoshoot hire is your imagination. When you're ready to schedule your styled photoshoot, hire the Gypsy Caravan Company's, Lily. She'll help you shine with bohemian beauty.

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Ki shan I Romani, Adoi san' I chov'hani"

(Where Gypsies go, there the witches are, we know.)

Old Romani Poem Excerpt from Buckland’s Book of Gypsy Magic - Raymond Buckland

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