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"Ki Shan, I Romani , Adoi San' I chov'haini"

(Where  Gypsies go, There the witches are, we know)

Old Romani Poem

Our Artist

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"Vandra's creativity is boundless.  The artistic genres she has mastered over the years would fill a book and include: lead-lighting, painting, drawing, dollmaking, airbrushing, journaling, silverwork, resin art, mixed media and pottery - just to name a few.
Her passion shines through in everything she touches and this, combined with her innate sense of colour and tone, results in work that engages and delights the observer. 
Another of her many interests is anything that goes under the umbrella of 'New Age'.  From early musings playing with the Widgee Board to collecting many many packs of tarot, pendulums, runestones and crystals. 
Partnering with her husband, they can create almost anything quite magical, with the point of difference being the 'detail'.
While completing her *Art Therapy diploma she learnt that most of her skills are very beneficial in helping others.
Totally self-taught, Vandra loves to continuously challenge herself by exploring every facet of the creative world within which she is absorbed."

*Definition of art therapy (Merriam-Webster)

: therapy based on engagement in artistic activities (such as painting or drawing) as a means of creative expression and symbolic communication especially in individuals affected with a mental or emotional disorder or cognitive impairment

Keira Sharnee Art & Design is named after our beautiful spirit daughter.  She is my muse and guides me in every which way.  :)To see Artist written below my name and to be known as an Artist is a ‘dream come true’.  It has taken many, many years to come to this realisation that maybe I am an Artist.  Formal art training has been non-existent to me, thus making me believe my dreams would never be realised.I was born on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, Australia.  One of the most picturesque places to be found and my love of nature, colours and a longing for open space all stem back to my origin.  When you come from such country, your love for ‘that piece of paradise’ never ever leaves you.  To be so lucky to grow up in the most such a beautiful place helped me become the creative I am.  Surrounded by some of the oldest trees on the planet and splendid waterfalls, lakes and rivers encouraged my family to spend many, many hours exploring them.  My children also have within them a great passion for the open spaces and fresh air – life.This love and my passion to create have helped me through some very sad times.  From my personal experience, I can highly recommend to anyone who is suffering to try and find a creative outlet to help with recovery.  Not only does it become cathartic, it also strengthens the desire to discover the next ‘project’ thus sometimes putting me on the merry-go-round of this lifestyle.   I LOVE CREATING.  I would love for you to join me in some fun classes.  There is no right or wrong in these sessions and you will go away feeling like you have had a great therapy session.  The classes are just to have fun and for me to share my artistic experiences, tips and ‘don’t do this’ advice and  possibly learn something along with way……! :)

Artist Statement