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Vintage Caravan Wedding Drinks Wagon: Gypsy Wedding Themes

Regardless of your wedding theme, most everyone serves drinks for their guests at the reception. After all, what's a celebration without cocktails? The great thing about a Gypsy style wedding is that something as simple as serving cocktails is an opportunity to add another touch of that boho-chic feel you love.
If you're searching for a mobile wedding bar for hire, our vintage caravan wedding drinks wagon will be more than you imagined.
Our reading style vardo even has a name, Lily. She's a handcrafted beauty with a gently outward sloping roof, allowing ample space inside to prepare specialty cocktails. Of course, our mobile wedding bar for hire comes with Gypsy-style bartenders too—so you can enjoy your party.
You supply the cocktail menu and the makings, and we provide the service. Your guests can order drinks at the big servery window. Our vintage caravan wedding drinks wagon is a stylish way to designate an area for your guests to gather for drinks and conversation.
Beautiful Lily will add a touch of romance to the scene with an elaborate Gyspy vibe that you can build on with other props. Imagine a lovely seating area with twinkling lights, a fire pit, Gypsy style music, and a gorgeous Gypsy wagon at the center of it all.
You can even customize the cocktails to fit the theme.
Think about matching the color of the cocktail with the jewel tones of Lily's ornate trim. Colorful blends are beautiful and go with the free spirit of the Gypsy theme. How about a lovely lavender colored huckleberry mojito, or a bright blood orange martini? Similarly, you can pull the colors from the wagon into your seating area. Think, colored lights, bright cushions, and table cloths, and table setting with colorful wildflowers.
Go ahead and get in touch with the Gypsy Caravan Company in Brisbane to reserve Lily for your boho wedding.

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Ki shan I Romani, Adoi san' I chov'hani"

(Where Gypsies go, there the witches are, we know.)

Old Romani Poem Excerpt from Buckland’s Book of Gypsy Magic - Raymond Buckland

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