About Us

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We currently live in Brisbane, Australia.  My husband Glenn is a builder and master of many crafts.  My name is Vandra and I am an obsessive compulsive art addict.  Over many years we have used our combined skills to create a myriad of beautiful pieces.  These include leadlight work, blacksmithing, furniture restoration, wirework, woodcraft, doll making, pottery….just too many to list.  Lily (our gypsy vardo (wagon) is by far our greatest achievement.  The detail and the magical ambience inside is second to none.  Have a little read here


Over the coming months, we will be showcasing some of these skills in a range of beautiful pieces, giving you an opportunity to add one, or many, of these unique creations to your home. 


And ... for the chance to have an advance sneak peek in the "shop window", please add your name to the contact list. We promise you won't be disappointed!


"One Choice: You're Always One Choice Away from Changing Your Life"

Mac Anderson

Our Studio 'Libellule (Dragonfly)

fullrose cutout dim.png

We are so so lucky to have this most amazing studio to help us create.  Fully renovated old dumpy shed now is the pièce de résistance of studios, complete with kitchenette and bathroom.